Our Services

Presently the CTC is offering dial-a-ride transportation services.  The next step will be the implementation of an application to facilitate and encourage people to use carpooling as a method of transportation.  Finally, the CTC will be working on the possibility of implementing public transportation.   Please see below the description of each of our services.

Transportation Services

  • Ride-home by volunteer drivers
  • Carpooling 
  • Mini buses for Downtown Bathurst / Shuttle vans covering Chaleur region

Service Image


This is a service that picks up a passenger at their door and transports them to medical appointments, mental health services, groceries, social activities, etc. It is offered by approved volunteer drivers using their own vehicles.

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This future service will connect two or more people to reach a common destination, ie. school or work.
This service is meant for users seeking  long-term transportation, i.e. five days a week for an extended period.  Vehicle owners and passengers may discontinue their involvement at any time.

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Mini-busses/Shuttle vans

Mini-bus service would involve two mini-buses travelling throughout Bathurst during the day with stops at about 20 strategic locations every half hour.   Shuttle van service would involve two vans travelling from outlying areas to and from Bathurst.