Driver Registration

If you would like more info on your registration, please do not hesitate to contact us through any of the methods at the bottom of the page.

1. Personal Information

Male   Female
English   French

2. Driving licenses and insurance

3. Training and experience

Yes   No
Yes   No
Yes   No

The Chaleur Transportation Cooperative is authorized to request a copy of the volunteer's driving record summary provided by Service New Brunswick in case of reasonable doubt. Costs to get the case summary of Service New Brunswick may be reimbursed by the Chaleur Transportation Cooperative.

4. Health

Yes   No

5. Availability


Yes   No

6. Select the regions you are willing to travel to

7. References

Please provide the names of three references and their phone numbers (excluding family members) who can attest to your ability to drive.

8. Select the type of transportation you are willing to provide

I certify that the information provided on this form is accurate and complete. I understand that any false statement may lead to refusal or revocation of my registration with the Chaleur Transportaion Cooperative. I undertake to respect the rules and regulations of the service. I understand that only information necessary for my travel, my safety and comfort will be transmitted to drivers/CTC organizers/volunteers who will offer me the service.