Our History

In 2010, the New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC) was created to develop, oversee, coordinate and implement initiatives to reduce poverty and assist thousands of New Brunswickers to be more self-sufficient. ESIC provides financial resources and support to the 12 Community Inclusion Networks (CIN) across the province that develops regional poverty reduction plans.

In 2014, ESIC published a plan titled Overcoming Poverty Together 2. It is based on four pillars requiring priority action, including access to transportation. The Chaleur CIN identified access to transportation as a priority and thus the CTC was established to facilitate this initiative.

CTC was incorporated in August of 2014 under the New Brunswick Co-operative Associations Act in the form of a non-profit multi-stakeholder cooperative. Also referred to as a solidarity cooperative, the CTC represents multiple categories of members sharing a common interest.

Membership is broken down into three categories: 
User members, or those who use the service;  Supplier members, or the individuals or companies providing a means of transportation; Support members, or private corporations and public, community and parapublic organizations.   Upon entry with the CTC, members purchase shares in the cooperative and pay an annual fee. The cost of shares ranges from $10 for an individual user to $200 for corporate users. Annual fees range from $10 for an individual user to $100 for corporate users.

In 2014, CTC signed a service agreement to Coopérative de développement regional-Acadie (CDR-Acadie) to provide consulting services to support development of the CTC cooperative. CDR-Acadie used the services of Carey Consultants who conducted a survey among 500 Chaleur residents in 2015. The results of this survey strongly support the desire and need for public transit services in the region.

In August, 2016, a general manager of the CTC was hired. The GM is guided by a board of directors consisting of six people.